Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cross Country Skiing

Linda and I got each other new cross country skis for Christmas. We ordered them from a Maine company called Akers Ski -that was ironic since our first sets had been ordered from LL Bean (Freeport, Maine) back in 1975. The Bean's skis are all wood with hickory bases. The three pin bindings are outmoded and the boots were shot a long time ago. But I won't throw out those classic skis. One of these days, I may see if the bindings can be switched out without weakening the ski with new drill holes -perhaps not.

We couldn't wait for Christmas to open them once UPS dropped them at the door. We've been out twice to trails in a local park in pretty good conditions. Yesterday, we did close to an hour and really worked up a sweat in the high 20's temps. It was a good workout day for me since I had done my hour and a half Saturday morning spinning class. This is a great class with a serious instructor, and it's geared to triathletes, serious cyclists, and other sorts who like to suffer.

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