Monday, May 2, 2011

New Bike

Here is my new Trek Madone 6.2. Double click the image to zoom. If you are interested in the specs, go to Trek's website. I did use Project One which enables web based customization (e.g.color and the wheelset). I bought it through Bike Authroity in Broadview Heights. They do a great job with careful sizing and fit. Unfortunately, it has been cold and rainy nearly everyday since I brought it home late last week. I did manage a pretty good ride on Saturday. The bike handles like a dream -the carbon frame is stiff and responsive as advertised. It seems to eat the hills. I can't wait to get it into Cuyahoga Valley to test some of the "out of the Valley" climbs. Some are over 20% grades for portions.

In two weeks, I'm running the 10K at the Cleveland/RiteAid event. In mid-June, I am planning on a sprint duathlon in NW Ohio. For the next few days, I am editing student papers with the grade submission deadline coming up.