Saturday, May 17, 2008

Garden Time

This morning I went to Crown Point Ecology Center in Bath, Ohio for the big plant sale. The attraction is organically grown heirloom varieties of plants difficult to find in these parts. I arrived at the opening time (9a.m.) and there were already a couple of hundred people there! The picture shows my haul along with a flat from a local nursery (these are not cheap) which will take up about 1/2 my vegetable garden. I go heavy on peppers and like the longish Italian peppers that are great fried in olive oil or grilled. I also have a few varieties of bell peppers (chocolate, for example–they're brownish). I have a low fence around the garden which discourages the groundhogs but they can burrow under and have in the past. It takes just a few minutes for one of those guys to eat the tops of several dozen pepper plants. I must be vigilant! The tomatoes are various and sundry but our favorites include Moby Grape because they are indeterminate (just keep producing) and we can pick a handful each evening for the dinner salad and some of the sweet yellow varieties.