Monday, January 14, 2008

Kitties, Too

My last post may have given the impression that I was exclusively a dog person. Not so! Here are two guys, Woody and Lucky, that share our home along with our Benji-looking mutt, Casey. Lucky gained his name from circumstances. First, he was the "outside cat." He showed up one day as a pencil-thin stray kitten hiding under our deck. We had two cats already and decided to take him to a humane shelter for adoption. On the way (on the freeway), he pooped in his crate and when my wife stopped to extricate him to clean up, he bolted through her hands, but she caught him by a hind foot and held on; otherwise, he'd have been into the bush and probably never seen again. When she arrived at the shelter, it was closed. So, he was returned to our home and we decided he was simply a lucky cat. It was spring and we fed him and enjoyed his company on the deck everyday. When November arrived, we let him in the house and he decided that's where he would stay (at first, not a popular move in the eyes of our two older, now departed, indoor felines though they "accepted" him within a few weeks). The other guy is Woody. Anyone have an idea what kind of cat he might be? He's a mix and looks like his dad who we were told was not Siamese.


Jennifer Sullivan said...

You better post a picture of Casey! Glad to know I am not the only NEOMFAer who is animal crazy.

Marz91606 said...

Yea for kitties. :)

Rick said...

Picture of Casey coming up in a future post.