Thursday, December 20, 2007

Early Season Fun

Monday and Tuesday at Holiday Valley in Elliccotville, New York were terrific. I shared a wonderful, spacious room with a buddy and we skied all day Monday and Tuesday for a total of seventy dollars each for the room and lift tickets. Half of the lifts were open but the conditions were almost as good as they get. The weekend storm dumped several inches of natural and they had been blowing snow for several days. The guys I was with are all fast and I improved a bit trying to chase them down the hills for two days. There is nearly mile long run called Mardi Gras that was beautiful for cruising. Several of the winding cross trails through the woods were nice, too. It wasn't at all crowded on the slopes and there were no lift lines. Doesn't get much better for New York Skiing! I was afriad to drive my Prius hybrid over because lake effect can turn I-90 and some of the last part of the route into more adventure than one wants on the road, so I borrowed Linda's RX300 SUV that turned in 21.7 mpg. The Prius would have been more than twice as efficient and would have been fine as the lake effect was minimal. but you never know.
Off to a tennis clinic this evening. My quads were fried yesterday but feel pretty good today. I'll be back at the rec center tomorrow for lifitng. This is the first week I have taken off since a trip to Bisbee, Arizona last July. I was probably overdue for the recovery.

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